Hello! My name is Michelle Cheng.

Welcome to my online space to learn more about me. I report on business, technology, and public policy–occasionally, looking through a data-driven angle. Previously, I was on the higher education beat where I wrote about college accessibility.

I'm currently an editorial assistant and reporter at Inc. My work has been featured in KQED News, FiveThirtyEight, Forbes, and MIT Technology Review.

I received a journalism degree and concentration in computer science from Boston University. I'm also a first-generation college student. In a previous life, I was a competitive dancer.

My proudest moment in my career, so far, is either being referenced in The New York Times on my analysis of Department of Education data, or writing emoji proposals (the badger and swan emojis) to the Unicode Consortium.

Scroll down to see some of my work below.

Selected Writings

Data Stories

Nothing Going On But The Rent

Analyzed real estate data and reported on commercial rents for the June issue of Inc. Magazine.

Students At Most Colleges Don't Pick "Useless" Majors

Used both Excel and Pandas Python to clean up and analyze data from the U.S. Department of Education for a FiveThirtyEight story.

Where Are All The Middle-Skilled Workers In Boston?

My first attempt at creating an interactive story. Created an interactive table, D3 graph and Leaflet.js map. Used HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to design page layout.

Bicyclists In Cambridge Cited Most Often On The Stretch Of Massachusetts Avenue

Used Pandas Python Library to analyze Cambridge bicycle data. Analysis of data available on Github.

Top 10 Schools That Get High Grades For Diversity

Sorted U.S. Department of Education data in Excel to create a new methodology for Forbes Top Colleges 2016 project.

More State Support Leads To Higher Graduation Rates, Boston University

Created graphs on Excel and implemented an interactive map through Carto. Used HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to design page layout.