My name is Michelle Cheng. Welcome to my space to learn more about me.

I'm a reporter for Quartz. I like to write about the societal impact of business and tech, and I'm curious about the world around me.

I often take a data-driven approach to reporting, having analyzed data on commercial rents, state funding of colleges, tech tools presidential campaigns are using, and the gender breakdown of executives leading IPOs.

I also have an interest in higher education. For a FiveThirtyEight story, I reported on how most students study "practical" majors, which was referenced in The New York Times.

My work includes writing about a startup selling behives to Fortune 500 companies, Facebook corporate posters, AI hiring talent frenzy, a fashion business getting more data-driven, how QuickBook price increases are hurting small business owners, women making over the beauty industry's boys club, Uber obscuring fare fees, an Airbnb host offering Amazon job interview prep for $5,300, and the risk of employee strikes surfacing in S-1 filings.

I received my undergraduate degree in journalism from Boston University, and I'm a first-generation college student. In a previous life, I was a competitive dancer.