Hello! My name is Michelle Cheng.

I'm a New York City-based journalist for Quartz. I like to write about the people behind the economic data as well as on the societal impact of business and tech.

I've analyzed datasets to write stories about how most students study "practical" majors, which was referenced in The New York Times. I've also analyzed data on black-white unemployment gaps in major US cities, the trucking industry, state funding of colleges, tech tools US presidential campaigns are using, and the gender breakdown of executives leading IPOs.

My work includes writing about Facebook corporate posters, how Revolve became a billion-dollar clothing company, Birkenstocks, whether an app can teach you how to sing, women making over the beauty industry's boys club, Uber wanting to work with public transit agencies, an Airbnb host offering Amazon job interview prep for $5,300, and the risk of employee strikes surfacing in S-1 filings.

I received my undergraduate degree in journalism from Boston University, and I'm a first-generation college student. In a previous life, I was a competitive dancer.